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The Month is Fake, Not the Novels.

Fake Novel Writing Month (We slept through Nov...)
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FaNoWriMo: Fake Novel Writing Month! The month is fake, not the novels. See, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in November, however I (the mod/creator here) forgot about this fact until, um, last week--when November was half over. But I still wanted to do this event, and I knew a lot of my friends would, too. I was right, and so we're using December as OUR NoWriMo! Take THAT, oranised events!

What the heck is Na/FaNoWriMo? Well, basically...
1 month (we'll start at midnight Nov. 30 and end at midnight New Year's Eve)
50,000 (fifty thousand) words (hopefully--prizes for people who get that far!)
1 novel
a bunch of friends
lots of caffeine!!
and lots of fun.

Sounds enjoyable, eh? So, this community is for the people who are involved in FaNoWriMo. As if you didn't figure that out already. Post excerpts of your work, current word counts, lamentations about lost muses, and I will also post party/gathering dates--such as our kickoff party, next Wednesday. Get Writing!

Oh, before I forget:
RULES (yes we all hate them and are ReBEll10Us teEnz!!1OMG!@LOLZ!! but here they are anyway):
1. Please, please try to have intelligent (sounding) conversation here. Yes, silliness is fine encouraged, but no to things like bullying/disrespecting, and mangling the English language. It's had enough of that sort of thiing, and doesn't need more from us. no capitalisation is okay, but proper spelling and grammar and n0t typNG liek THEs!!eleven!@1 all the time is definitely a plus. Do your best, please.
2. If you're posting a super-huge block of text or a giant picture, please use an lj-cut, which goes: "*lj-cut text="title"* put your superhuge block o' text here */lj-cut*" where *=< or > as the html warrants. If that's confusing, hit the Livejournal FAQ or ask me.
3. If posting something "PG-13" or above, definitely lj-cut it, and put "Not Work-Safe" or some variation/warning in the title. Our virgin (ha!) eyes will thank you.
4. Try not to repeat yourself too many times--this is called "trolling" and wil be met with harsh wrath death er... not-niceness.
5. Advertising for other communities/websites is cool, but try to let it be relevant to the community or at least interesting to members of said community. Also if it gets out of hand it will be stopped.
6. No writing of your 50,000 words before December 1! Seriously! You can work on something that you have already in progress, and you can plan plots and things out before Dec. 1, but do your word-count starting on Dec. 1, okay? And be honest!

All right, NOW you can go write!